Let me share a pearl for your necklace of life.

Forgiveness.  Eleven individual letters that, apart, can be used for many other words but together these eleven letters can bring sweet release, freedom, and peace.  When my oldest daughter was four years old, she was the sweetest child to be around.  Compliant?  That was her.  We won’t talk about the teenage years now.  Ha.  Like all of us, there was growing to be done, not just physically but spiritually as well.  The sands of life can be rough and uncomfortable but like a pearl inside a shell this produces a beautiful bead.  Candice was quite particular about her things “a place for everything and everything in its place” was her mantra.  Her cousin Lucas was the opposite in every way.  A rambunctious 3 year old who could not be bothered with such OCD behavior.  All he wanted to do was play, play, play. On a particular holiday we were taking pictures and we wanted them to stand with their arms around each other.  My sweet Candice was insistent that this request was beyond her heart’s desire!   After much back and forth as a first time mom now was going to be the time I made sure that she forgave and apologized for being so difficult.  Her response?  “No, I will not apologize, I don’t like him. He doesn’t put things away!”  Well there you go Jinna, make a production and an embarrassing mess.

Here’s the pearl for your necklace of life.  Say you’re sorry. Forgive. Have you noticed the Father is not all about our perfection?  He loves us right where we are and as we are.  God doesn’t make a huge production in correcting us. He gently nudges and speaks to us.  Many conversations with our sweet Father go something like this for me:

Him:  Jinna you have to apologize.

Me:  Father, he was so mean!

Him: Jinna, you have to forgive .

Me:  Father, I’m not going to apologize and I’m definitely not going to forgive. Sorry, but I haven’t done anything wrong!


If we can’t say sorry or forgive others, how will we truly say sorry to God?  How can we be forgiven if we can’t forgive?  Giving or receiving apologies and forgiveness does not excuse the actions of others, but it releases the toxins the enemy uses to hold us down.  It allows the Father to do His work in us.  Grow us and polish us.

Matthew 6:14-15

Ephesians 4:32