Bett Baptist Church began as a small mission directed by four deacons sent from Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  The first meeting was held on August 20, 1961 in a vacant store building.  The four couples from Mt. Zion were Mr. & Mrs. W..G. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Loven, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jamison Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Williams.

The first pastor to serve at Bett was Rev. Reese Snipes from Thrift-haven Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.  Within a few weeks after the mission was established, it became independent of its mother church, and on October 8, 1961, Mt. Zion authorized the new church to set up a budget and to keep its own accounts and records.  From that date, Bett has operated independently of Mt. Zion.  In November of that same year, the members voted to build two Sunday School rooms at the front of the store building.  On January 28, 1962, the 39 chapter members set August 19, 1962 as the date to constitute itself into a church.

Two individuals, Mrs. Metra Patrick and Gene (Pete) Patrick, gave an acre of land on which to build a church. The new building was built and even though it was not complete, services were held there August 18, 1963. Mt. Zion  gave their parsonage to Bett  church in February 1964 where it was moved and repaired.  This was the residence of Rev. and Mrs. Snipes until July 1968. Rev. Snipes remained as pastor until July 1968.  The next pastor called to preach at Bett was Rev. T.M. Jennings. He arrived in December 1968. Dedication of Bett Baptist Church was done in the spring of 1969. Ronnie Lusher was called as music director in 1971. in 1972, the church bought 2 more acres of land and the church building was remodeled.  Benny Taylor was licensed to preach in September 1972. Bro. Jennings left the church in January 1975 and the membership was at 128.

June 1975, Rev. Terrell Stringer came to serve as pastor and Bro. Alben Gaston was called as the youth and music director in December 1975. In 1976 the steeple was added. New bricks and a roof were added in 1977. Another acre of land was purchased east of the church property.  Membership was 165 when Rev. Stringer left in September 1979. Rev. Ken Pegram served as interim pastor from September 1979 until October 1980. During that time, there were 30 additions and 19 letters of transfer to other churches. October 1980 there were 176 members.  October 1980, Rev. Jim Buchanan was called to be pastor. The new parsonage was built in 1982. It was built and financed by church members. In 1984,  a new sign was purchased and erected.

The church ordained Oscar Geeslin to the ministry when he accepted the call to serve as pastor of Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Byhalia, MS.  October 1686 the church membership was 249.  A new sound and recording system was installed in 1985. The sanctuary was redecorated in 1986 and in 1987 the church purchased a copier and a riding lawn mower. Church membership was 266 as of October 1988.  Rev. Buchanan served as pastor until June 1994.  August 1994, Bob Johnson served as interim pastor until April 1995.  ON December 31, 1995, Rev. Sam Howard was called to serve as pastor and remained there until August 1, 1999.  During the summer of 1999 a new fellowship hall was completed.

August 1999 through January 2000 Ken Pegram served as interim pastor.   Bro. Alan Flowers began January 2000 and remained the pastor until November 2004.  In November 2004, Stephen Rutherford was ordained and served until June 2007.   Alvin Whitehead became the interim pastor June 2007 until March 2008 when he became the pastor.

A new sanctuary has been added to the location.  No money was borrowed and the work was done by church members and contractors that were hired. The first service was held in the new building on the 54th anniversary of the Bett Baptist Church on August  21, 2016.

Bro. Alvin Whitehead Sr. resigned as Pastor in September 2017.  Bro. Chance Belk became Pulpit Supply Pastor after the resignation of Br. Alvin.  He continued to be Interim Pastor until he was voted in as Pastor in February 2018 with a unanimous vote