Bro. Paul Sammons

Youth Minister

In 2003 GOD put Paul on his face.  After several years of correction, fasting, and immersing himself in God’s word, He was led to help the homeless at a rescue mission for two years, where the Lord humbled him and the men ministered unto him.  He has been sharing the love of God in the inner city for the last 13 years and has received more love than any man deserves.  He has been serving in the prison ministry since 2010, where he found his joy, which he was lacking, because he was too intense.  During that time frame he was led to help at a good friend’s halfway house for three years, a year in a bible study group and two years sharing the gospel at the second halfway house, where he learned more from the men than they learned from him.  After telling GOD what he was NOT going to do, the LORD led him into a rural ministry where he found his country family, was baptized, ordained, and became the youth pastor.  All along the way, he has made good friends in Christ that have profoundly changed his life.  He loves his wife and family, laughs often, but mostly at himself and Otha.